Safety & Health

SUS Environment attaches great importance to the safety and health of employees. In the process of construction and operation of the project, SUS strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees, and actively carries out all kinds of safety education and training, so as to prevent accidents. Now, from the headquarters to the project company, the concept of safety and health has penetrated into the daily work of the staff.

What We Have Done:

  • Developed occupational health and safety management system; obtained OHSAS 18001 (GB / T28001-2001) occupational health and safety certificate; established a set of risk management system to identify and manage potential risks in project operation.

  • Daily investigation and regular inspection are combined to develop and continuously improve various emergency plans; conducted a large number of drills to continuously improve the ability of employees to deal with emergencies.
  • EHS committee issues monthly briefing, and regularly holds safety education training and examination, and ensures that safety and health awareness, knowledge and methods are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  • Providing labor protection articles to ensure employees work in a safe and healthy environment; Every employee has a free physical examination every year.